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They were invited here to help rebuild the Mother Country

The Home Office Scandal

In 2012 the Hostile Environment led to the mass violation of rights of the WIndrush generation and their descendants. Many were wrongfully detained, deported and lost access to essential services. The compensation, created and controlled by the Home Office, has fallen short of delivering justice and the impacts are still experienced to this day.

The facts

More than 16,000 British citizens misclassified as illegal immigrants as a result of the Hostile Environment policy

Many lost their jobs and access to pensions, essential services, housing and more

Only 6% of eligible applicants have received compensation

Less than ⅓ of allocated funds have been paid out after nearly 5 years

Victims continue to live under threats of detention and deportation

The scandal is not over.


We are storytellers and Windrush advocates. Using the power of film and television we will amplify the voices of the Windrush generation to​:

Raise awareness, educate Britain and ignite a collective call for action


Ensure full and swift compensation to Windrush victims


Bring an end to the Hostile Environment policy


Together we must ensure windrush victims are SEEN, HEARD and HEALED


“Every descendant of the Windrush generation feels this injustice deep in their soul. There but for the grace of God go all our mums and dads who could also have been betrayed by the nation that promised them a home. Sadly, we live in a world of racial bias, which makes education on topics like slavery and colonialism all the more important, from young to old. Growing up in a colony, my father was taught these subjects at school in Jamaica, as part of the English school curriculum. Yet when he arrived here at 20 years of age in 1955, he was shocked that those subjects weren’t taught here in the UK, where it all began. And astonishingly they’re still not part of the school curriculum in 2023. If you don’t know the history, you don’t see the injustice. It’s time to change that. Respect and justice for the Windrush generation is long overdue.
We need Justice. NOW.”

Colin McFarlane

Actor & Campaigner

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Picture of Annie Lennox
“After the horrendous murder of Stephen Lawrence on 22nd April 1993, I hoped the opportunity might come to finally address the challenges of bigotry, hatred and racism which have pervaded the British Establishment for far too long. Tragically since then, nothing much seems to have changed. There are still so many injustices to be faced up to.
Our purpose is to keep the issue of Windrush front and centre in people’s minds so that justice might finally be delivered. Britain’s Windrush generation must be seen, heard and healed. They deserve nothing less.”

Annie Lennox

Singer, Songwriter & Campaigner